Nissanfest 2014

It’s always fun to see the fascination on the face of someone who is seeing RC drifting for the first time. The awesomeness of little cars flying through corners sideways is obvious even to people who aren’t into RC. Car… Read More


The Island Invasion Part 2

Well it’s friday again which means that we have another night of tandem trains at Afro’s RC Club. ┬áThis friday however we had some special visitors from Vancouver Island to jam all night with us!   By the time I… Read More


Come Join us!

With our 1 year anniversary date approaching we decided it was time to update Afro’s RC a little. Starting with the tearing down of our mountain pass to make room for a bigger track section and including this fancy new website. We’re taking the time to bring you more content, more events and more RC Drifting!