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Gaelen comes from a background in Motorsports and Photography, with these two passions it was no surprise that it leaked over into the RC world.

Trains, Trains, Trains

Curt put together this awesome video from some of our filming last week.  As you can see we mix it up with CS and RWD cars and absolutely love to get real close with our tandem trains!



We were invited out to Importfest to put on a little demo track and showcase the world of RC drifting to the Car Show community. We had a good selection of the Tetujin curbing at the ready for this event… Read More


The Island Invasion Part 2

Well it’s friday again which means that we have another night of tandem trains at Afro’s RC Club.  This friday however we had some special visitors from Vancouver Island to jam all night with us!   By the time I… Read More