First Kong RC Comp of 2016

Well here we are in a new year which means a new round of competitions for the team to hit on their quest to battle everyone!


When we arrived we invaded the tables in typical fashion and got everyone unpacked and set up.


Then it was time to check out the pits and see what we had for competition today.  This S13 reminded of us our friend Jesse’s 1:1 scale S13 a couple years ago before he started going wild on it.


The track has changed a bit since the last time I was here, That huge stretch through the middle was going to be a challenge for me since my RWD car has no ebrake with it’s direct drive.  Time to get practicing!


Joey of course lead the charge with his Team Tetsujin car looking unstoppable as usual!


Even as he chased down the big booty brute of Chuck from 2Bros tires!  That hummer was a BEAST and chuck looked like he was having a blast tossing it around the track.


Chris was a guy I ran into last year at one of the comps that was bombing around in his CS Sprint 2 and now he’s made the switch over to RWD. Looks like he’s off to a damn good start on the switch too!


Took a quick break while the comp started.


And “ate” some food.  Right Brett?


Josh made a rare appearance for the weekend rocking one of Joey’s old bodies.  He put up a damn good fight but made a small mistake on his lead run at the second last corner which gave Randall the win.


James was having some gremlins (possibly between the ears 🙂 ) but managed to drive his way to victory in the top 16.


I got a little busy driving but there were some fantastic battles all through the competition!


On of my favourite battles to watch was this one, Joey and Randal drove like champs and it was just fantastic to watch.


After the dust settled there of course can only be one champion….. Our Very own Joey Portelli!


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