Afro RC Comp Round 2

Well another season of competitions is under way and we’ve finished up round 2 of ours!


This round was a big one with the island crew and our American friends both making the trip out!


This round was very exciting with lots of longtime members finally finishing their rebuilds and making it out to compete.  Sunny was on fire all day! (Joey going in a LITTLE hot in the background)


During practice there were some incredible tandem trains going.  Which delayed the competition because we were all having too much fun!


The driving all day was incredible and there were some fantastic battles all day.  Lots of high fives and excited drivers after each round.


Winner of Afro’s ‘You’re awesome’ award goes to Merica Rob!


Gaelen took top spot in Countersteer!


Kari took top spot in RWD!


James coming in 2nd for RWD!


Brian coming in 3rd for RWD!

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