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2.0 CS Sprint 2 – Slide Rack

We’ve been hinting at those for a few months now but Afro finally got some time to sit down and make it happen.


That’s right folks!  We put a slide rack in our Sprint 2!

In the process of making this video it was difficult to get good close up shots so we decided it was better off to take some after we had finished and the car drove like a champ.


As you can see we use the existing steering components from the D3 setup we used to run and just replaced the wipers with his R31World Slide Rack.


Getting the bump steer sorted out took a little measuring and some spacing to get the rack high enough.


We also had to trim the bulkheads a little bit to make of space since we had so much throw from the rack.


Make sure you watch the video and see what we did to turn the servo but all in all it  didn’t take much work and you’ve got a much better system for your steering!


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