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March Drifting

I was on my way home from shooting another event for Northwest Nissans so I decided to stop in at the club and see who was there I could shoot in action.


Afro set up some new street lamps and they turned out awesome!  Can’t wait to shoot more with these when we get more of them set up for the street section!


James and Jeff getting pretty buck wild under the bridge!


Jeff’s Rocket Bunny S13 looked just so sexy in the street lights!


Afro getting up in Jeff’s Business!  These guys just never let up!


The party was getting buck wild with Afro!  Check out his passenger!


I asked James to drive my car for a bit so i could get some shots and 2nd or 3rd run out he pulls off this…..

and then does it again and again.  Clearly he can drive my car better than I can!  Thanks James!

– GaelenN



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