Kong RC

Kong RC is the dream of a man and one he’s working very hard to bring to reality.  J.J has done a great job putting together a space for indoor drifting, parts, service etc. He contacted us a few months ago to come and help him set the track up and make sure it would be great to drive for all!


4 of us loaded up and headed down to check his space out and help him set up a track that would be great fun to drive no matter what skill level!  Of course here’s Afro too busy having fun to pose for a picture….


Joey and Afro getting real with the wall and figuring out the exact line we wanted to build.


What we realized later in the day was that we had brought down a lot of Yokomo.  Kong RC being the only Yokomo Dealer in North America it was fitting we stopped to take a picture of all the different variations.  Can you spot them all?



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