FEATURE: Gaelen’s Tamiya R34


Yesterday was the inaugural run of my R34.  I picked this up from our favorite local hobby shop, Gogo Hobbies, in Coquitlam, BC.  After Painting it Red with some flake the guys there had effectively named it “Dorthy” from the Wizard of Oz with her shiny red shoes and the name stuck.


I had also picked up these wing stands from Easymade88 which Set the car off to that more aggressive look.  They make some great stands and they can take a beating!


The under tray peeking out ever so slightly fitting perfectly with the rear bumper when it’s mounted.


To finish it off I hand made a styrene cage to protect against some of those more aggressive door rubs that happen at the club.

All in all it came out better than I expected and should make for some great shots as he continues to build the next one fro when this one kicks the bucket.


Since I already had the camera there he took a few shots of Dennis taking runs at the Bell on the wall.



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