Afro Comp Round 1

The first round of the Afro RC competition was an incredible amount of fun even though I finished last in both categories (RWD and CS), I am very much looking forward to round 2!

img_028 (1)
I ended up having to swap my RWD car over to direct drive because i chewed up my last set up gears earlier in the week which meant I had very little practice with the new setup.



As I was driving the competition I was unable to shoot much of it but I did manage to snag some shots from the practice laps before hand.  Here is Sunny being chased down by David and James.

As far as the results went at the end of the day


1. Curt Wells
2. Brett Sergeant
3. Gaelen Norman


1. Raymond Zhong
2. Sunny Parmar
3. David Chen


Sunny was debuting his new body this weekend as well!  Check out the feature!

img_006 (2)


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