Nissanfest 2014

It’s always fun to see the fascination on the face of someone who is seeing RC drifting for the first time. The awesomeness of little cars flying through corners sideways is obvious even to people who aren’t into RC. Car show demos are a great opportunity to not only show off the hard work we’ve put into our RC cars and our drifting skills, but also to expand the passion to people who may have never known it existed.




We were fortunate enough to have a spot directly in front of the entrance, and also with a great surface for drifting. The space was also the perfect size, and gave us the chance to use the new portable track walls.




Lucky for us, some people attending had the foresight to bring their RC cars to the show. We met a couple cool guys who have been RC drifting for a while.




All in all, it was a complete success and a lot of fun. We even met some people who have invited us to future events, so stay tuned!





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