The Island Invasion Part 2

Well it’s friday again which means that we have another night of tandem trains at Afro’s RC Club.  This friday however we had some special visitors from Vancouver Island to jam all night with us!



By the time I arrived after work there was more carnage that had taken place than usual, including Afro’s FRD that took some major damage including melting his Servo.



Don’t think for a minute that it would stop the party at that, no we had trains going all night (most of which I was a part of and didn’t get to photograph) but it was non-stop fun!



Joey showed up too…. he’s been busy working the past few weeks but seemed to be enjoying the addition of the couch that we moved trackside!



The new track layout also made form some epic long entries like this one!



Also check out the detail!



It was a great night again had by all!


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