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With our 1 year anniversary date approaching we decided it was time to update Afro’s RC a little.  Starting with the tearing down of our mountain pass to make room for a bigger track section and including this fancy new website.  We’re taking the time to bring you more content, more events and more RC Drifting!


If you’ve never had the opportunity to come out to the club we encourage you to come out and join us!  We’re also attending Nissanfest on April 19 to bring you some more drifting onsite at an amazing event.


  1. Congrats on 1 year! Love the passion all of you folks put into this hobby. Keep it going and look forward to celebrating year 2.

  2. Where are some places I can find a good rc drift car in vancouver?? I’m just starting to get into it. Anyone, please help!! It would be much appreciated.

    This looks like a fun place to go!

    Any advice helps like the type of rc drift car I should be looking for, brand, size, pricing etc…

    • Ehren,

      We’re located in New Westminster BC and we encourage you to come out and join us. We’ve got many members just starting out and it’s a great way to gain experience and skill.

      Most of us started out with the HPI Sprint 2 mostly because it’s available and we can easily make them countersteer cars with some parts that we have available. Gogo hobbies in Coquitlam is where I got mine from, Cam and Blair are always there to help so I suggest checking them out.

      • Do you happen to know if a budget of $250 could get me a nice GT86 and just a nice drifting chassis? I have the wheels but remote and carless because my original Tamiya Toyota 86 snapped while being shipped from Hong Kong to Richmond, Vancouver…

        • We run mostly HPI Sprint 2’s at the club as far as CS cars go so I would suggest looking at those. HPI does make an FRS body so you might even be able to buy a kit with that body for right around $250.

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