1. hello ; and first off what an awesome vid!!!!!!!!
    I’m part of a crew as well in Cali called Tech1drift *(we’re on instagram and facebook)
    I own several chassis :

    HotBodies TC-FD *(CS)
    HPI Sprint 2 (CS) *(custom ratio)
    HPI RS4 Pro 2 (50/50)
    Sakura D3 CS
    HPI Sprint 2 (50/50)

    The one that caught my eye was the Sprint 2 CS you guys have set up !!!!!
    Please send me info / part number so that i can mod my other Sprint 2 chassis ASAP ; PAYPAL IS READY ; and id be greatful…..
    got buddies interested in that 9T pulley as well….
    email : joehuddle@yahoo.com
    phone # : 661 916-2674
    You guys are awesome, thanks.

    • I sell the kits to the public for $40 and $10 shipping to anywhere in the world that is without tracking it usually takes seven days for it to be delivered… This is a 2.0 counter steer kit there is no modifications needed… Then I do a max steering angle kit for the sprint 2 But I have not made them available yet there still a little bit of bugs to work out on that one. Thank you very much for your compliments I am very aware of your crew and I love what you guys do too .
      I speak to you soon thanks in advance .

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