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1 Year mark

March 22 marked 1 year for the AFRO RC Club, we’ve gone from the dream of 5 people that used to spend every sunday drifting in the IKEA parking lot to an indoor space for more people to enjoy and come drift with us!


As you can see there is no shortage of drivers in the pit room getting their cars ready and making adjustments to prepare for some of our epic tandem trains that happen here.   We have a variety of chassis and setups, anything from a stock 50/50 car to a full RWD car can be found running the walls at the track on any given day.


Here’s Aldo in is Sukura D3 being chased down by Curt in an HPI Sprint 2, both cars are fairly modified to give their desired driving style the best available setups.



Simon’s new Pandora GC8 body sitting atop his Sprint 2 and it looks awesome!



There is some amazing detail put into some of the cars, Afro even goes as far as to build his interior how he would his own real drift cars!  Custom shift knobs, ebrake handles and even a tow hook poking out the hood!



Josh was attacking the walls all day with his FR-D and this just goes to show you how skilled these drivers have come in one year, mere millimeters from the wall with ease and constantly doing it run after run.

With one year in the bag it looks good for the future of Afro’s, we look forward to meeting all of you in the next year!




  1. Where are some places I can find a good rc drift car in vancouver?? I’m just starting to get into it. Anyone, please help!! It would be much appreciated.

    This looks like a fun place to go!

    Any advice helps like the type of rc drift car I should be looking for, brand, size, pricing etc…

    • Ehren,

      We’re located in New Westminster BC and we encourage you to come out and join us. We’ve got many members just starting out and it’s a great way to gain experience and skill.

      Most of us started out with the HPI Sprint 2 mostly because it’s available and we can easily make them countersteer cars with some parts that we have available. Gogo hobbies in Coquitlam is where I got mine from, Cam and Blair are always there to help so I suggest checking them out.

      • Gaelen,

        Thanks for the reply. I will definitely try to make my way over there sometime in the near future. Thank you also for the info. I will go check out GoGo Hobbies in Coquitlam soon also.

        What is your opinion on something like the tamiya tt-01? I have just been researching online and it seems to pop up a lot.

          • Thanks so much! I really like the reviews and videos i’ve seen so far on the sprint 2. I will post my questions on the forum. Thanks so much again for the time!! Hope to meet you guys at Afro’s RC club soon!!

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